Eternal Royalty


Managing & Monitoring
Once everything is configured and running, we will need to ensure that we as well as the community have access to the data and analytics from the Validator Nodes to ensure maximum up-time. This data will also allow us to make any changes where necessary to increase the efficacy of the Validator Nodes.
We will achieve this by using a software called Prometheus to pull the data directly from the Nodes. Then we will use Grafana from Grafana Labs to visualise the data that has been pulled from the Nodes using Prometheus. We will then publish the results on our the Eternal Royalty web app so all holders can see in-depth data and analytics about the Validator Nodes.
Anyone will be able to monitor the Validator Nodes on their mobile using the Beaconchain app. This will allow all holders to monitor ensuring the Validator Nodes are running no matter where they are. Although the data maybe limited compared to the web app using Prometheus + Grafana, the flexibility that the Beaconchain app provides allows our holders the best of both.