Eternal Royalty


Should you stake your NFT?
We are aware other NFT projects have implemented a staking feature however none have done it quite like us. We like the idea behind locking up your NFT to reduce supply on the secondary market. However the rewards for holders should match the risk they take in locking up their NFT. Instead of creating a token to reward stakers which will inevitably lose value month on month due to the increase in supply every month, we decided to offer a better solution.
We wanted to reward our stakers with something a lot more valuable than our own token. For the risk that they take to lock up their NFT we realised that it was only fair to reward them with the most valuable token on the network. ETH is the token that will be rewarded to stakers. The royalties that will be collected from the collection will be deposited in ETH or WETH and the rewards from the ETH 2.0 Validator Nodes will also be deposited in ETH. This easily allows us to distribute to stakers directly without any additional exchange fees or creating new tokens.